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Our comprehensive advertising, communications and sponsorship data provides companies with a holistic view of their brand presence in comparison to their competitors.

These insights help companies to successfully achieve their communications goals.

We know for whom, how, where, when, for how long and to what extent advertising or communications material is used in Switzerland.

Holistic view of your brand presence

How do our data and analyses help you?

  • You can see how active your competitors are in the advertising and communications market.
  • You can discover what messages and offers your competitors are communicating.
  • You get valuable arguments for the choice of your media mix.
  • You can optimize your advertising, communications and/or sponsorship strategy.
  • You are able to target your spending.
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Latest news

Cooperation between Media Focus and Swissfundraising

On behalf of Swissfundraising, the association of professional fundraisers, Media Focus Schweiz will conduct an integral communication analysis (INCA) for the Swiss NPO market. Seventeen non-profit organizations will participate in the first study of its kind.

The study will focus on the communicative and promotional visibility of the charitable organizations on the Swiss market. The INCA (integral communication analysis) of the Swiss NPO market will examine all controllable aspects of communication. For this purpose, advertising presence (paid media), search engine presence (paid and owned media) and media presence (earned media) will be considered from a quantitative and qualitative perspective and contextualized using market data.

Latest news

Cooperation Livesystems

Media Focus now integrates the digital Out of Home gross advertising revenues of Livesystems into the existing advertising print statistics for Switzerland. This increases the gross advertising volume in the Out of Home segment by 11% (basis 2021).
In the advertising print statistics for Switzerland, the classic and digital gross advertising revenues of the largest out-of-home providers are integrated. At present, advertising print in the out-of-home sector – both classic and digital – cannot be broken down by individual out-of-home providers. In the digital area, gross advertising revenues are reported as a whole. With the integration of the digital data from Livesystems, it is now possible to show the gross advertising sales of Livesystems from 2021 and 2022 separately in the advertising print statistics in the web-based evaluation tool WizzAd+.

Latest news

Media Focus Schweiz GmbH uses data from the MACH Consumer and MACH Values divisions of WEMF AG to supplement its integral communications analysis of the Swiss health insurance market.

The integral communications analysis of the Swiss health insurance market looks at all controllable areas of communication. For this purpose, advertising presence (paid media), search engine presence (paid and owned media) and media presence (earned media) are considered from a quantitative and qualitative perspective and are contextualized using market data.


The ability to examine the communications market holistically from a 360° perspective gives companies, agencies and media houses unique advantages. 
Media Focus provides products and services for monitoring advertising, communications and sponsorship spending.
This enables you to track competing communications activities in the ever-evolving media landscape – that’s both traditional and digital communications.

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Total Brand Visibility & Content

With Total Brand Visibility and Content, Media Focus offers a product that compiles data about your media presence from advertising and reporting and then analyzes this. In addition, Total Brand Visibility and Content can be supplemented with the results of the sponsorship analyses. All the results are provided in a clear report, along with the relevant insights.

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Advertising pressure statistics

Your company is facing increasingly complex challenges in terms of its market presence due to dynamic markets and current trends. Media Focus assists you by recording data about the advertising presence of your competitors and industry and by providing detailed analysis of advertising volumes and campaign and brand strategies.

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Sponsorship can help you to achieve a great reach and ensure that your brand is positively associated with the image of an event. This enables you to increase both the scope of your brand’s visibility and the quality of your coverage. Our sponsorship analysis allows us to measure and evaluate the visibility of the sponsor, both in the media and on the ground.

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As we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words. Media Focus allows you to access our comprehensive creation database in WizzAd+ whenever you want. You can see and listen to the creations and ads that your competitors have used and find out on which platforms they have been placed or broadcasted, both in traditional and digital media. 

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Benefit from our many years of experience in preparing analyses and interpreting communications and market data. Get customized solutions and data-based foundations on which to make decisions for your marketing, communications and sponsorship strategies.

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Media monitoring

Our online and social media monitoring assesses the presence of companies and brands online and also assesses the relevance and distribution of their posts. This saves time and generates findings to optimize communications management.

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As an analysis tool, WizzAd+ provides a large number of report templates and individual design templates for your own reports. It also offers you an overview of your competitors and your market, any time and anywhere. Plus, it provides in-depth insights into campaign themes used by your competitors.

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As an independent and neutral media research company, our comprehensive advertising, communications and sponsorship data and analyses help brands to generate a holistic view of their presence, both in terms of their competition and the industry as a whole, in order to successfully achieve their economic and corporate goals.

About Media Focus

Media Focus Schweiz GmbH is a media research company specializing in the assessment of advertising, communications and sponsorship. As a joint venture of the international market research companies AGB Nielsen Media Research B.V. and GfK Switzerland AG, Media Focus is part of a leading global network in the field of advertising, media and consumer research.