Total Brand Content.

Our new "total brand content" analysis uses manual controls to produce a seamless, high-quality investigation of a brand's thematic foothold and your current topic capital. This comparison with competitors shows you how extensively and intensively current topics are projected and with which logic.

Identify issues and styles

Advertising messages

We examine tens of thousands of commercials, adverts, articles and comments with regard to content, tonality and topics. This comprehensive examination of 700 brands results in extremely different "topic profiles" for the brands when compared with competitors. These variations provide data-based, content-related differentiation and help with content management, among other things.

Benchmark promotes brand success

The content audit examines the diversity and relevance of content from competitor brands.

The results form the basis of the draft plans for your own target group. The selection of topics, „story“, distribution plan, and quality requirements form the content plan.


Characteristic values provide an overview

Each individual brand presence is assigned to a defined segment.

Manual analysis guarantees significance for absolute and relative class frequency per brand. The brand-specific data time series can contain an unlimited number of characteristics.

Bet on empiricism.
Not on gut instinct.

A systematic observation secures you knowledge about thematic trends and focal points.

The hidden patterns between brands and topics reveal strategies. „Text mining“ indicates strong connections and „outliers“.

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Knowledge, entertainment, consulting...

Brand communication means information, entertainment, and use.

Our analysis shows the topics of reflexive coverage that are not yet covered by a brand. Distribution and platform plans are indexed via the time axis.

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