Total Brand Visibility.

We measure the presence of 700 brands in Switzerland. Data is permanently gathered entirely independently in over 1,000 media channels, generating more than 10 million data points per day.

Know where brands are found

Merging advertising and media presence data illustrates the differences between a brand's self-perception (paid/owned media) and the external perception of the same brand (earned media).

Receive your „Market Insights“ for a forward-looking understanding of marketing in comparison with the competition.

Compare how visible your brand is.

With our unique online equivalence value, we compare two communication fields with only one method.


Work hours invested in brand presence surveys since January

We provide the „Proof of Evidence“.

Highest quality data from manually evaluating digital brand presence in online news, social media, and on consumer sites.

Recognize the risks of virality.

Our analysis measures the communicative penetration rate (virality) of your brand.

Learn more about highly dynamic developments and the precise identification of topics and drivers. Gain control of mass association through our real-time data.

Your Brand Our holistic omni-channel analysis identifies the trend indications and time series effects in your dynamic market.

Our partners are also your partners

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