Advertising Presence.

We have access to independent, accurate advertising data for your competitors. This allows you to plan your own advertising campaigns better and determine the right advertising strategy.

Visual measuring of advertising

We measure neutrally and independently on the basis of international survey standards.

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We provide assistance with the following areas of brand communication:

Defining your advertising budget | assessing the advertising activity of competitors | establishing the basis for negotiating the purchase of advertising space | analysing new competitor products | determining campaign launch dates

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Multi-level sales channels

Recognize the indirect advertising share of your competition. We distinguish between company (manufacturer) and advertisers.

Example: Bucherer (advertiser) advertises a Rolex watch (manufacturer).

Swiss advertising pressure statistics (gross)

The empirical advertising study comprises over 1,500 advertisers from the following media:

  • Internet (Image/Video/Search)
  • Print
  • TV
  • Out-of-Home
  • Radio
  • Cinema

Analyze 93,000 advertisers or over 200,000 brands and products in the following industries and market segments:




Product groups


Product segments

The following key figures are available for brand and competitor analyses


Advertising impact in Swiss francs

Advertising volume according to the median rate for individual advertisements.


Advertising impact in number of advertising placements

Advertising frequency and seasonality


Advertising impact in volume, size and duration

Advertising intensity

«Content»-analysis for brand communication

Spontaneous analysis of consistent brand staging on the basis of hundreds of thousands of advertisements, grouped by product:

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Our offer

The scope and level of detail of your desired advertising impact analyses will be determined based on your information needs. This way, you will obtain a tailor-made package of trend and market information to define your strategy!

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