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As an independent and neutral media research company, our comprehensive advertising, communications and sponsorship data and analyses help brands to generate a holistic view of their presence, both in terms of their competition and the industry as a whole, in order to successfully achieve their economic and corporate goals.


Media Focus gathers all the relevant advertising data and creations from over 93,000 companies with more than 220,000 brands and products in Switzerland. This data is allocated to 21 industries, 130 product groups and 900 product segments.

Every day, more than 600 companies are monitored across both traditional and digital media, and the sponsorship patterns of sport and cultural events is analyzed.

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Our expertise – your benefit

  • Collection of cross-platform advertising, communications and sponsorship data across traditional, digital and social media.
  • Comprehensive overview of campaign themes and items posted, as well as advertising spend.
  • Switzerland’s only provider of comprehensive and customized marketing, communications and sponsorship analyses to monitor both the market and your competition.
  • Intuitive access to analysis tools with extensive report templates and individual design templates for your own reports.
  • Knowledgeable and motivated team.

Assessment methods

While traditional media such as TV, radio, print or OoH are assessed in a linear way (panels, recordings, delivery statistics), technology-based methods must be used for online and social media channels (virtual channels, artificial intelligence, etc.).


Digital media, with its ever-evolving advertising formats, booking models and billing models, presents a challenge.
Media Focus uses innovative technologies and monitoring techniques to provide advertising statistics that hold up in the current climate, for both traditional and digital media.

Market and media system

Our systems make it possible to precisely categorize industries, advertisers, media and all advertised content. For some categories (e.g. e-commerce), special classifications can be created in order to record all the chargeable services on the internet.

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