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Collaboration between Media Focus and Livesystems

Media Focus is now integrating the digital out-of-home gross advertising revenues from Livesystems into Switzerland’s existing advertising pressure statistics.

Media Focus Schweiz GmbH supplements the existing out-of-home gross advertising revenues in Switzerland’s advertising pressure statistics with the digital gross advertising revenues of Livesystems Group AG. This increases out-of-home’s gross advertising revenue by 11% (base year: 2021). With the integration of this data, there is also the option to show Livesystems’ gross digital advertising revenues separately.

The traditional and digital gross advertising revenues of the largest out-of-home providers are integrated into Switzerland’s advertising pressure statistics. Currently, out-of-home advertising pressure – both traditional and digital – cannot be broken down by individual out-of-home providers. Digital gross advertising revenues are reported as a whole. With the integration of Livesystems’ digital data, it is now possible to use the web-based evaluation tool WizzAd+ to show Livesystems’ gross advertising revenues for 2021 and 2022 separately in the advertising pressure statistics.

Ueli Weber, CEO of Media Focus: “I’m delighted that Livesystems has decided to integrate its digital gross advertising revenues into the advertising pressure statistics and is also willing to show its digital gross advertising revenues separately. I’m confident that this will allow us to provide significant added value for everyone involved – customers, agencies and the out-of-home market.”

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