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Media Focus now reports the
gross advertising volume of
in-car advertising

Zurich, May 25, 2023 – Following a successful test phase, the gross advertising volume from in-car advertising can be reported from May 2023 (retroactive to January 1, 2022).

In a world full of screens, a new screen is added. The advertising that is measured on the so-called “4th screen” – as the display in the car is also called after TV, desktop and mobile – is also new. This new advertising format is receiving greater attention in today’s world, where screens in cars are getting bigger and bigger and idle time is increasing, e.g. when charging electric vehicles. In cooperation with the DAB Network, the data has been successfully tested in recent months. This will result in the data being included in the gross advertising statistics from 2023. The gross advertising volume of in-car advertising flows into the out-of-home “Digital” segment.

Sandro Projetto, Managing Director DAB Network GmbH:
“Media Focus’ decision to report the gross advertising volume of in-car advertising is an important step for the industry. It shows that the importance of this fast-growing advertising sector is recognized and that in-car advertising is an effective way to reach target audiences. We at DAB Network are pleased to be part of this development and will continue to develop innovative solutions for our customers to successfully place their advertising messages.”

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