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Highlights in April 2023

After a strong advertising month in March, advertising pressure decreased by 10% in April as usual, closing with CHF 520.1 million gross. Although 11 out of 21 sectors reduced their advertising pressure, the month of April was only slightly down on the previous year with minus 2%.

As in the previous month, public transport (+98.9%) and finance (15.5%) continued to increase their advertising activities in April, with the vehicle industry also strengthening its advertising (+28.5%).

The biggest decreases compared to the previous year can be seen in the personal care (-33.8%), digital & household (-27.5%) and cosmetics and toiletries (-22.7%) sectors.

At CHF 1,980.8 million gross, total advertising pressure for the first four months of the year is down by 9.8% on the annual advertising pressure of 2022.

Advertising pressure in the market as a whole

Advertising pressure development up to April 2023 in CHF million gross

Public transport and finance continue to increase

As in the previous month, public transport (+98.9%) saw a significant increase in April. The sector is therefore up 77.5% on the previous years value for the current year, recording the biggest percentage increase in comparison to all other sectors.

The vehicle industry also ramped up its advertising activities in April (+28.5%). With the VW California and the Opel Corsa Now+, two products from the sector are now among the top 10 most advertised products.

The finance sector recorded the third highest increase (+15.5%) in comparison to the previous year, coming in strong overall with a YTD increase of 24.6%. 

Personal care still defensive in advertising in April

Of the 21 sectors, 11 reduced their advertising pressure in April. Particularly notable is the decline in the personal care (-33.8%) sector, a sector that had already recorded a decline of 43.3% in March.

Advertising continues its decline in the digital & household sector (-27.5%). Both sectors are therefore more than 20% down on the previous year’s value for the current year.

Other sectors recording two-digit decreases in April include cosmetics and toiletries (-22.7%), tobacco products (-16.3%), telecommunications (-15.6%), services (-13.1%), initiatives & campaigns (-12.5%), pharmaceuticals & health (–11.7%) and construction, industry and furnishings (-10.7%).

Top advertisers and products

The top advertisers and most advertised products and services (excluding range, image and other advertising) in April

Media mix

Media mix for April

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