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Highlights in August 2023

After falls in June and July, the advertising market enjoyed an upswing in August 2023 with an increase of 7 percent, closing with CHF 485.3 million gross.

A closer look at the various sectors shows that the finance sector, public transport companies and the automotive industry enjoyed positive growth. In contrast, the energy sector, construction, industry & furnishings and personal care experienced double-digit percentage declines. Overall, 15 sectors increased their advertising pressure, while six sectors had lower figures than in the previous year.

The cumulative advertising pressure (YTD) for 2023 is just under the 4 billion mark at CHF 3,901 million gross and is therefore 4.4% behind the previous year.

Advertising pressure in the market as a whole

Advertising pressure development up to August 2023 in CHF million gross

Public transport, finance and automotive experience strong growth

The finance sector once again enjoyed significant growth of 36.0 percent in August compared to the same month in the previous year, and has also been strong YTD (+30.8 percent). This is reflected in the advertising pressure of CHF 46.5 million gross in August 2023.

The rise for public transport companies is even greater – they recorded impressive growth of 66.8 percent and have increased advertising pressure by a third YTD. Public transport companies’ gross expenditure in August 2023 was CHF 10.2 million.

The automotive sector experienced growth of 49.2 percent in August and had two products (the VW ID.3 electric car and Škoda Enyaq Sportline electric SUV leasing) in the top 10.

Significant fall in the energy sector

On the other hand, however, there were sectors that recorded a significant fall in August.

The energy sector experienced a drastic decline of 55.0 percent. The construction, industry & furnishings sector also fell in August (-20.3%). Both sectors are also significantly behind YTD.

Top advertisers and products

The top advertisers and most advertised products and services (excluding range, image and other advertising) in August

Media mix

Media mix for August 2023

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