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Highlights in September 2023

The advertising market experienced a moderate slowdown in September compared to the very strong advertising month in the previous year and closed with gross sales of CHF 573.3 million. This represents a decline of 13.4 percent compared to the previous year.  There has also been a decline of 5.6 percent YTD.

However, compared to the previous month, August recorded a significant increase of 17.5 percent following the usual summer slump.

The tobacco sector posted the most significant increase, with a rise of 40.1 percent in advertising pressure. At the same time, the largest reduction was observed in the energy sector, with a decline of 65.6 percent.

Advertising pressure in the market as a whole

Advertising pressure development up to September 2023 in CHF million gross

Tobacco sector with the biggest increase

In September, the tobacco sector recorded a strikingly strong increase in advertising pressure of 40.1 percent compared to the previous year, meaning that it topped the list of industries with the strongest rise.

The cosmetics and toiletries sector is also noteworthy as it achieved an increase of 18.4 percent in advertising pressure.

The cleaning sector achieved the third-highest increase with a substantial rise of 7.8 percent.

Further reductions in the energy sector

The largest reductions were observed in the energy sector, personal care and services.

The energy sector recorded a drastic decline of 55.0 percent in August and it is 65.6 percent behind 2022 in September. It is therefore already 30.4 percent behind YTD.

The personal care sector also declined significantly in September (-45.0%) and generated significantly less advertising pressure YTD (-28.3%).

The third-largest reduction in September was observed in services (-40.8%).

Top advertisers and products

The top advertisers and most advertised products and services (excluding range, image and other advertising) in September

Media mix

Media mix for September 2023

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