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Brand Trend Switzerland
H1 2022

Brand Trends for the first half of 2022 shows that Coop is the most visible brand in Switzerland, thanks to its advertising presence, while media presence makes “automotive” the most visible sector. Plus, well-known brands go head-to-head in the “Battles of the Brands”.

The Brand Trends publication for the first half of 2022 from Media Focus Switzerland analyzes the advertising and media presence of more than 300 brands across 22 sectors in Switzerland.
Total visibility in the first six months of 2022 amounted to CHF 4.4 billion, all told, with CHF 1.7 billion generated via paid media and CHF 2.7 billion via earned media. The relationship between advertising and communications/PR (paid/earned ratio) sits at 39:61 percent.

Thanks to its advertising presence, Coop beats out Migros as the most visible brand in Switzerland, followed by tech heavyweights Google and Apple in places 3 and 4. The automotive sector remains the most visible industry, due to its substantial media presence.

Plus, the publication encompasses exciting “Battles of the Brands” from various sectors, including the following fields. Which is the most visible brand, both overall and in individual communications channels? Toyota or Tesla? Aldi or Lidl? Rolex or Omega?
Tina Fixle, CAO at Media Focus: “Marketing and communications are key drivers of brand visibility. That’s why our Brand Trends publication brings together data on advertising and media presence to generate a holistic view of brand visibility, in terms of communications, within the Swiss market. Holistically evaluating brand presence enables comparisons to be made.”

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