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Switzerland Brand Trends

Media Focus publishes the gross value of total advertising & communication visibility for brands,
as well as an overview of the “Battles of the Brands” for 2022.

Total visibility 9.2 billion: Avg. 29.3 million per brand

The total visibility of the 315 brands recorded amounted to CHF 9.2 billion gross in 2022.

Paid/earned ratio in favor of earned media

60% of total visibility, corresponding to CHF 5.5 billion, is due to earned media. Conversely, gross advertising pressure (40%) amounted to CHF 3.7 billion.

Increase in visibility from H1 to H2

In the second half of 2022, total visibility increased by CHF 404.3 million (+9%). Paid presence (+17%) was the largest trigger behind this, but earned also saw an uptick of 4 percent.  The sector with the largest percentage growth was insurance (+48%), followed by fashion & sport (+31%) and energy (+28%). Visibility reduced for three sectors: optics & acoustics (-12%), pharmaceuticals & health (-9%) and telecommunications (-6%).

You can find the entire evaluation including exciting “Battles of the Brands” from 7 industries in our Brand Trend 2022.

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Brand Trends 2022

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