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Switzerland Brand Trends

Media Focus publishes total gross advertising and communications visibility for over 300 brands, as well as exciting “Battles of the Brands” for 2023.

Total brand visibility 9.6 billion: ⌀ 30.3 million per brand

The total visibility of the 316 recorded brands amounted to 9.6 billion gross francs in 2023.

Paid-earned ratio in favor of earned media

Earned media accounts for 65% of total brand visibility, which corresponds to CHF 6.3 billion. This contrasts with CHF 3.3 billion in gross advertising pressure (35%).

Visibility almost unchanged in H1 2023 and H2 2023

Overall visibility is practically identical in H2 2023 compared to H1 2023 (-0.12%). The decline in earned presence (-3.3%) is offset by the increase in paid presence (+6.2%). The biggest driver for the decline in earned presence was the flattening of the media discussion about the UBS/CS merger. In percentage terms, the highest increase in visibility was recorded by the Cleaning sector (+89%), followed by the Personal Needs sector (+48%). On the other hand, the Financial Institutions sector recorded the biggest drop in visibility (-26%).

You can find the entire evaluation including exciting “Battles of the Brands” in our Brand Trend 2023.

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Brand Trends 2023

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