Out-of-home defies the summer slump

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Highlights in July

Even this extraordinary year has not stopped the annual summer slump. Amounting to a gross sum of 329.3 million francs, advertising pressure in July was only slightly greater than the year’s lowest which was seen in April, when the nationwide lockdown caused the advertising market to collapse. The decrease in relation to the same month of the previous year is -9.2 percent, thus once again amounting to less than a tenth for the first time since February. Cumulatively, advertising pressure for the first seven months of the year sits at around 18 percent below the previous year’s figure.

Advertising Pressure in the market as a whole

Development of Advertising Pressure as per July 2020 in million francs (gross)

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Out-of-home stays on top, TV advertising is a flop

Out-of-home advertising is continuing to flourish. After the recovery of advertising pressure generated by outdoor advertising began to emerge in June, the media group managed to achieve an increase in July of around 10 percent on the previous month. Compared to the previous year, this corresponds to a healthy 22.3 percent increase in advertising pressure. Meanwhile, advertising pressure in all other media groups has continued to fall compared to the previous year. TV advertising was hit particularly hard in July: TV advertising pressure sits at around a quarter below the previous year’s figure. The decrease in TV advertising can also be seen in the media mix. In March, TV advertising accounted for a solid 34 percent of total advertising pressure. Following a steady decline over the past few months, this figure fell to 21 percent in July.

On the flip side, radio advertising proved itself to be especially crisis-proof and consistent. This year, radio advertising pressure accounted for between 2 and 3 percent of total advertising pressure in the Swiss advertising market. Having decreased slightly by 3.4 percent, radio advertising pressure in July almost matched the figure for the previous year.

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Top industry retail trade’s YTD once again in the black

As in June, YTD for the cleaning and initiatives & campaigns sectors has increased compared the same period of the previous year. Thanks to the advertising pressure generated in July, the retail trade sector has now also joined the party. However, most industries continue to find themselves facing a decrease in YTD advertising pressure. The 18-percent drop in cumulative advertising pressure from January to July compared to the previous year is therefore unsurprising.

Only six industries increased their gross advertising expenditure in July compared to the same month last year, while 15 reduced their advertising pressure. This accordingly resulted in a 9.2 percent decrease across the entire market compared to the previous year.

News from the top 10

The streaming service Disney+ is the most widely advertised product in July. However, Disney fell just short of being placed as one of the top 10 advertisers, with the Walt Disney Company occupying 12th place. After initially holding 1st and 4th place in the list of top products, the Federal Office of Public Health’s information campaign on coronavirus found itself in 6th place in July. The Federal Office of Public Health is thus once again not found among the top 10 advertisers.

Advertising pressure in the sectors

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Top of the month

The top advertisers and most widely advertised products and services (excluding range and image advertising) in July:

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Media Mix

Media Mix for the month of July

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