Advertising Trend August 2018

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Highlights in August

After the summer slump in July, there was a steep upward turn in August. Advertising pressure increased in the summer month by 9.5% in comparison with the previous month and now amounts to CHF 496.1 million (gross).

Compared with the same month in the previous year, advertising pressure is 6.9% higher. However, this can be attributed to the inclusion of data from YouTube and Search Romandy. Without this data, advertising pressure would be at the previous year’s level.

On the other hand, advertising pressure over the year as a whole still exhibits a steep upwards trend – regardless of whether the extra data is included or not (+25.1% or +2.8% respectively).

Data integration: Internet and TV

Since January 2017, the Internet media group has included search desktop advertising. As of the close of data in July 2017, search mobile data has also been integrated in Media Focus’s advertising statistics. In January 2018, search (desktop + mobile) was included for French-speaking Switzerland (Romandy), on the basis of ten thousand French search terms (share of search YTD: 85% DE/15% FR). Since March 2018, YouTube data (display and video) has also been included, with retroactive effect from January 2018, in the Advertising Market Trends (share of media mix YTD 1%).

Moreover, since January 2018, the TV media group has included TV sponsoring as well as the pre split, post split, single split and time advertising forms

Advertising pressure in the market as a whole

Development of advertising pressure as per August 2018

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Finance secures third place

Leisure, gastronomy & tourism and services continue to maintain a clear lead this month. The close race for the bronze medal enters the next phase in the hot summer month. The Finance sector took third place ahead of Retail trade and Building, industry, furnishings. The top 10 sectors otherwise remain unchanged.

Insurance product group shows the biggest increase

Thanks largely to the most intensively advertised product amongst the top 10, “AXA Winterthur motor vehicle insurance”, the Insurance product group has recorded the highest increase in comparison with the previous year (+113.9%). This makes Finance one of the sectors with the strongest growth in August when compared with August 2017 (+55.2%). Telecommunications is the sector which experienced the greatest increase (+55.5%). The reasons for this are widely-advertised products, such as Swisscom InOne or Swisscom TV. They are followed by the TV & Home Entertainment product group in third place, which rose by 38.0%. In total, 11 of the 21 sectors and three of the six listed product groups increased gross advertising pressure compared with the previous year.

Tobacco sector and political campaigns apply the brakes

Overall, ten sectors reduced advertising pressure compared with August 2017, most notably of which is the tobacco goods sector, whose advertising pressure declined by -76.6%, therefore taking last position for YTD growth. Second and third-last places go to the Political campaigns product group (-35.6%) and the Energy sector (-27.6%). Moreover, the Personal care, Public transport companies, Cleaning and Media sectors reduced their advertising pressure compared with the previous year by a double-digit percentage.

Advertising pressure in the sectors

Advertising pressure in the sectors with comparative figures for the previous year

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Top 10 of the month

The Top 10 advertisers and most widely advertised products/services (not including range and image advertising) in August

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Media Mix

The integration of the search data, desktop (January 2017) and mobile (July 2017) into the Media Focus advertising statistics has led to a significant increase in the Internet proportion of the media mix. Since January 2018, search data for French-speaking Switzerland (Romandy) has also been collected (share of search: 85% German/15% French).

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