Advertising Trend December 2018

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Highlights in December

The last month of the year closed at 616.7 million francs gross. This represents a decrease of -13.7% compared with the previous month. This means that, just as in previous years, November remains the strongest month of the year for advertising. Compared to 2017, gross advertising expenditure is growing, whether with or without data enrichment (+5.8% and +1.0% respectively).

Through the use of data enrichment in search engine marketing and the integration of YouTube, the 2018 advertising year saw a gross sum of 7 billion francs reached for the first time. Unadjusted, this corresponds to an increase of 17.7% compared with the previous year. Adjusted, organic growth sits significantly lower at 1.4%.

Data integration: Internet and TV

Since January 2017, the Internet media group has included search desktop advertising. As of the close of data in July 2017, search mobile data has also been integrated in Media Focus’s advertising statistics. In January 2018, search (desktop + mobile) was included for French-speaking Switzerland (Romandy), on the basis of ten thousand French search terms (share of search YTD: 85% DE/15% FR). Since March 2018, YouTube data (display and video) has also been included, with retroactive effect from January 2018, in the Advertising Market Trends (share of media mix YTD 1%).

Moreover, since January 2018, the TV media group has included TV sponsoring as well as the pre split, post split, single split and time advertising forms.

Advertising Pressure in the market as a whole

Development of Advertising Pressure as per December 2018

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Development of Advertising Pressure as per December 2018

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Last-Minute Change in the Top 10

As can be clearly seen, gold, silver and bronze go to the leisure, gastronomy and tourism, services and finance industries. And this is even after the finance industry, following three months of the highest advertising expenditure, took a short breather, managing to secure only seventh place in the monthly rankings.

Positions seven to ten saw one or two changes occur in 2018. An end-of-year spurt in the retail trade resulted in it overtaking the food industry, fashion & sport relegated vehicles to eighth place and business in the run-up to Christmas saw digital & household catapult to 9th position, ahead of initiatives and campaigns.

Pre-Christmas Business Pushes up Digital and Household

A new smartphone, PC, kitchen appliance or games console; whether purchased online or in-store, electronic devices must have managed to find their way under the majority of Switzerland's Christmas trees - at least in the minds of advertisers. Digital and household as well as the IT, hard- and software product group contained therein have achieved the highest percentage increase compared with the previous year (+30.4% and 30.9% respectively). Following this comes the finance industry (+25.7%) along with the insurance product group (+25.5%), while public transport companies and political campaigns show an increase of over 20%. Unlike in 2017, in December the beverages industry showed significant growth yet again, +19.5% compared with the previous month and +17.5% compared with December 2017.

Media Industry Tops the Negative List

Experiencing a decline of around one-fifth compared with 2017 (-20.7%), the media industry has had a weak year for advertising. The energy, fashion & sport and telecommunications industries also experienced double-figure percentage declines compared with the previous year. Following this are the cars (new) product group, down 9.8%, along with the cosmetics & toiletries and tobacco industries (-7.9% and -6.3% respectively). Gross advertising expenditure also fell for the watches & jewellery, personal care, vehicles and pharmaceuticals & health industries. However, these industries experienced a decline of under five percent.

Top 10 of the month

The Top 10 advertisers and most widely advertised products/services (not including range and image advertising) in December

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Media Mix

The integration of the search data, desktop (January 2017) and mobile (July 2017) into the Media Focus advertising statistics has led to a significant increase in the Internet proportion of the media mix. Since January 2018, search data for French-speaking Switzerland (Romandy) has also been collected (share of search: 85% German/15% French).

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