Advertising Market Trend February 2018

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Highlights in February

With advertising expenditure of 515 million Swiss francs (gross) in February 2018 the Swiss advertising market remained at the same level as the previous month. Compared with 2017, this unadjusted figure corresponds to an increase of approximately a third (33.8%) - but even without the integration of the search data capture, the growth of the Swiss advertising market amounts to 6.6 per cent. The main growth drivers are the leisure, gastronomy and tourism industries and retail trade. The two first months of the 2018 together account for gross advertising expenditure of 1,031.6 million Swiss francs (without including search data: CHF 822.1m.).

Data integration: Internet and TV media groups

Search advertising has been included in the reporting of the Internet media group since January 2017. The media mix is reported monthly in the "Trends in the advertising market" publication. Search advertising includes search desktop data. As of the close of data in July 2017, search mobile has also been integrated in Media Focus' advertising statistics as well as search desktop. Since January 2018, search data for the French-speaking part of Switzerland has also been collected on the basis of ten thousand French search terms (share of search YTD: 87% DE/13% FR). Moreover , since January 2018, the TV media group has been reported including TV sponsoring and the advertising methods: pre split, post split, single split and time.

Advertising Pressure in the market as a whole

Development of Advertising Pressure as per January 2019

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Leisure, gastronomy and tourism extend their lead

In February, the industry of leisure, gastronomy and tourism pulled even further ahead of the second-placed industry of services. This is particularly remarkable if one considers the fact that leisure, gastronomy and tourism reduced its advertising pressure by more than a quarter (- 28%) compared with January 2018, and that services, after fashion & sport, is the industry with highest growth compared with last year. Retail trade, vehicles and building, industry and furnishings follow unchanged in 3rd to 5th places.

Referendum livens up political campaigns

The product group political campaigns was able to make gains in February for the first time in 6 months and in fact did so considerably with an increase of 36.2 per cent, meaning it spent 7.4 million francs on advertising. This is to be attributed in particular to the commitment of the opponents of the No-Billag campaign.

Food during Lent fasting

The food industry has considerably reduced its advertising pressure by 17.6 per cent compared with the previous year. This corresponds to a decrease of 7.9 million Swiss francs (gross) in absolute terms. After its boom period in December and January, the product group TV & home entertainment took it a bit more slowly again in February. Compared with the previous year, it has decreased even more - by minus 11.2 per cent. The media industry also forfeits advertising pressure again (- 9.2%), making it one of the losers for the third time in a row.

Advertising pressure in the sectors

Advertising pressure in the sectors with comparative figures for the previous year

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Top 10 of the month

The Top 10 advertisers and most widely advertised products/services (not including range and image advertising) in February

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Media Mix

The integration of the search data, desktop (January 2017) and mobile (July 2017) into the Media Focus advertising statistics has led to a significant increase in the Internet proportion of the media mix. Since January 2018, search data for French-speaking Switzerland (Romandy) has also been collected (share of search: 85% German/15% French).

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