Advertising month of July in a summer slump

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Highlights in July

In July, gross advertising pressure reached CHF 369.3 million. This represents an increase of 11.3% compared to July of the previous year. Overall, advertising pressure YTD remains slightly higher than the previous year (+1.1%).

Despite an observable recovery from the coronavirus-led decline of last year, a summer slump is still apparent. Advertising pressure was significantly reduced compared to the previous month (-14.5%). Looking back at previous years shows that the summer slump was particularly noticeable in 2018 (-33.5%). 2019 (-16.4%) and 2020 (-18.4%) experienced declines similar to those of this year.

Advertising Pressure in the market as a whole

Development of Advertising Pressure as per July 2021 in million francs (gross)

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Sectors: media with the biggest increase

Media (+140.6%), energy (+51.9%), and cosmetics and toiletries (+34.6%) are among July’s top 3 industry winners.

July brought no changes to the YTD top 3 industry ranking. The ranking remains identical to the previous month. Retail, food, and initiatives & campaigns remain in the top 3.

Additionally, the leisure, gastronomy, tourism sector, which in previous years had always maintained a place in the top 3, saw greater advertising pressure in July, with an increase of 32.6% compared to last year. It remains to be seen whether this sector can fight its way back to the top 3 by the end of this year. The same is true of finance, which showed clear gains in July (+20.4%).

Only 6 sectors declined compared to the previous year

Only 6 of 21 sectors showed declines in July compared to the same month last year. Percentage-wise, the tobacco industry showed the biggest reduction (-37.2%). In absolute terms, it continues to lag behind in last place. However, advertising pressure in this sector is still 32.1% above the value from 2020 (YTD).

The remaining reductions are in the single-digit percentage range, which accounts for the overall increase.

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Top of the month

The top advertisers and most widely advertised products and services (excluding range, image and collective categories) in July

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Media Mix

Media Mix for the month of July

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