Advertising Market Trend May 2018

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Highlights in May

Advertising expenditure again declined in May. With gross advertising expenditure of 599.3 million Swiss francs, May recorded 3.5 percent less advertising expenditure than the previous month. Compared to the same month last year, advertising expenditure was 17.8 percent higher, but this was driven by the inclusion of Online data. Without this, advertising expenditure in May fell by 4 percent. But if you consider year-to-date advertising expenditure, the trend – with or without the inclusion of this data – is still upwards (27.3 percent and 2.2 percent respectively).

Data integration: Internet and TV

Since January 2017, the Internet media group has included search desktop advertising. As of the close of data in July 2017, search mobile data has also been integrated in Media Focus’s advertising statistics. In January 2018, search (desktop + mobile) was included for French-speaking Switzerland (Romandy), on the basis of ten thousand French search terms (share of search YTD: 85% DE/15% FR). Since March 2018, YouTube data (display and video) has also been included, with retroactive effect from January 2018, in the Advertising Market Trends (share of media mix YTD 1%).

Moreover, since January 2018, the TV media group has included TV sponsoring as well as the pre split, post split, single split and time advertising forms.

Neu: Integration YouTube-Daten

The Internet media group now also includes data for YouTube (video pre-rolls and display). These have been integrated with retroactive effect as from January 2018. In the month of March, YouTube’s share in the Internet media group is 3 per cent, in the media mix 1 per cent. More than 600 advertisers, above all Apple, Swisscom and Wix.com, use the channel to reach their target groups.

Verbesserungen in der Abfrage auf Basis von Kundenfeedbacks haben zu Anpassungen der Bewertung geführt. Eine Vergleichbarkeit über eine definierte Zeitreihe ist nach wie vor jederzeit gewährleistet. Aktuell sind Lifestyle/Tech Brands auf extrem reichweitenstarken Videos tendenziell noch überbewertet (z.B. Apple). Um die Realität möglichst nah abbilden zu können und diesen Extremfällen gerecht zu werden, werden wir die Bewertung ständig optimieren. Es kann deshalb in naher Zukunft zu weiteren Anpassungen in der Bewertungsmethode kommen.

Advertising Pressure in the market as a whole

Development of Advertising Pressure as per May 2018

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Food sector drives advertising pressure

5 of the top 10 sectors reduced their advertising pressure compared to the previous month. Most notably Building, industry & furnishings (-23%), Digital & household (-19%) and Fashion & sport (-10%). However, the Food sector increased its advertising expenditure by 10 percent during the same period, climbing to No. 5 in the table. With 54.2 million Swiss francs, the sector posted the highest gross advertising pressure in the month of May, despite a significant fall compared to last year (-8%). Finance (+7%) also moved up a place. Both these changes of position were at the expense of the Vehicles sector.

Unstoppable rise of the Services sector

Compared to the previous year, the Services sector again recorded the biggest increase (+76.1%), followed by Leisure, gastronomy and tourism (+62.3%) and the Cleaning sector (+61.6%).

With the onset of summer, the highest percentage increase compared to April (+18.7%) was observed in the Beverages sector, which recorded 4.3 million Swiss francs in absolute figures. Only the Political campaigns (+74.9%), TV & home entertainment (42.7%) and Cars (new) (22.7%) product groups had a higher rate of increase.

Fading smoke signals

5 sectors failed to match the previous year's advertising pressure. Tobacco products posted the highest year-on-year fall in May 2018 (-72.1%), followed by Political campaigns (-26.6%), Media (-24.1%), Cosmetics & toiletries (-12.0%) and Beverages (-8%).

Advertising pressure in the sectors

Advertising pressure in the sectors with comparative figures for the previous year

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Top 10 of the month

The Top 10 advertisers and most widely advertised products/services (not including range and image advertising) in May

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Media Mix

The integration of the search data, desktop (January 2017) and mobile (July 2017) into the Media Focus advertising statistics has led to a significant increase in the Internet proportion of the media mix. Since January 2018, search data for French-speaking Switzerland (Romandy) has also been collected (share of search: 85% German/15% French).

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