May sees a new high for the year

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Highlights in May

Closing on CHF 455.1 million gross, May was up by a clear 30.8% on the previous year’s total. Furthermore, it recorded an increase of 10.3% on last month’s total and thus replaced March as the month with the highest advertising pressure so far this year. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, however, it was down 13.1% on the total for 2019.

At CHF 1.9 billion gross, total advertising pressure for the year to date is 1.8% down on 2020 and a considerable 22% down on the figure for 2019. Compared with 2019, advertising pressure was drastically reduced in 17 out of 21 sectors. Percentage-wise, the greatest reductions were evident in the events (-74%), public transport (-65%), leisure, gastronomy and tourism (-57%), and media (-46%) sectors.

The only sectors that have profited from the health crisis are cleaning (+33%), tobacco products (+17%), retail (+12%) and food (+2%), as well as initiatives and campaigns (also +2%).

Advertising Pressure in the market as a whole

Development of Advertising Pressure as per May 2021 in million francs (gross)

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Slow return to normality

The events sector had recorded a clear increase in April (+87.4%) once it was able to start building anticipation again for concerts, exhibitions, sports events, etc., and also saw substantial growth in May (+191.7%). This was true across all event areas: art & culture, sport and business. Advertising pressure was up considerably on the previous year. Switzerland’s biggest advertising driver, Coop, made no small contribution to growth in the sector, with its “Tag der guten Tat” (“Good Deed Day”) initiative.

However, a glance at 2019 – before the pandemic – shows that this boost should not be overestimated, as the two-year performance result is clearly negative, at minus 63%. Of the Top 10 sectors in terms of advertising pressure, the following were all up by more than a third: cosmetics and toiletries (+76.4%), initiatives and campaigns (+67.0%), and fashion and sport (+44.5%). The performance of cosmetics and toiletries, which was up 4.7% on the figure for 2019, was a particular surprise. Fashion and sport, however, had to be content with a 21.9% decrease on the 2019 figure. Initiatives and campaigns was given a helping hand by political campaigns relating to the votes on 13 June and the coronavirus campaigns by the Swiss Department of Health.

Slight decreases compared with last year

Advertising pressure was slightly down in just three sectors, compared with last year. The biggest decrease was recorded by the cleaning sector (-11.7%), which in 2020 saw its advertising pressure soar by 75.4% in comparison with the previous year and was actually one of the best-performing sectors compared with 2019 (YTD).

The media sector, too, saw a drop in advertising pressure in May by 7.8%, leaving its YTD total 41.5% behind that of the previous year.

Last but not least, the services sector recorded just a slight drop in advertising pressure in May, by 4.9%, compared with 2020.

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Top of the month

The top advertisers and most widely advertised products and services (excluding range, image and collective categories) in May

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Media Mix

Media Mix for the month of May

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