Advertising Market Trend September 2019

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Highlights in September

Advertising pressure generated on the Swiss advertising market in September reached CHF 641.2 million (gross), which corresponds to a slight drop (-3.6%) year on year. Despite this, September is still the third-strongest month for advertising in the current year, with only May and March seeing more invested in advertising. Gross accumulated advertising pressure for the first three quarters is CHF 5,283.8 million, which is still a slight increase (+2.2%) compared with 2018.

Advertising Pressure in the market as a whole

Development of Advertising Pressure as per September 2019

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Telecommunications sector edges ahead of pharmaceuticals and health

The finance sector was responsible for the highest advertising expenditure (gross) of all sectors in September. As a result, it keeps closest rival building, industry, furnishings at a distance in the YTD rankings, but the gap between it and the second-placed services sector still remains just as big, however. The top sector leisure, gastronomy, tourism was responsible for the second-highest gross advertising pressure in September and thereby consolidates its lead in the annual rankings. Out of the top three sectors, only leisure, gastronomy, tourism was able to show an increase year on year. The services (-8.5%) and finance (-10.3%) sectors reduced their advertising pressure compared with September 2018. The only reshuffle within the industry ranking YTD took place in September between pharmaceuticals and health and the telecommunications sector.

Swiss federal elections make themselves felt

Political campaigns achieved the largest increase in September compared to the same month of the previous year. This was to be expected due to the upcoming parliamentary elections on 20 October. In addition, with the FDP and SVP candidates for seats on the National Council, two representatives from initiatives and campaigns are also among the ten most advertised products of the month. If we consider the percentage growth of advertising pressure YTD, political campaigns are in second place. The tobacco sector still lies ahead thanks to increased advertising of e-cigarettes by its representatives in the summer months of this year.

Advertising pressure in the sectors

Advertising pressure in the sectors with comparative figures for the previous year

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Top 10 of the month

The top 10 advertisers and most widely advertised products and services (excluding range and image advertising) in September

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Media Mix

The integration of the search data, desktop (January 2017) and mobile (July 2017) into the Media Focus advertising statistics has led to a significant increase in the Internet proportion of the media mix. Since January 2018, search data for French-speaking Switzerland (Romandy) has also been collected (share of search: 85% German/15% French).

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