About us.

Our world is changing rapidly. Customers and consumers determine brand communication. Brand images can no longer be monitored statically. This transformation into a hardly transparent brand world requires empirical and holistic analyses. This is precisely why our customers rely on our data.

Key figures of our brand analyses

Working hours




37 Mio.



2.3 Mio





Our values

  • Factual

  • Neutral

  • Independent

  • Transparent

  • Granular

  • Objective

  • Empirical

  • We leaf through magazines and listen to radio spots. Editorial analytics is carried out by „Human Coding“. Evidence-based collection of all data is our guiding principle.

  • The valuation of brand presences on the basis of gross media rates, specially developed valuation routines, and classic equivalence values follows from our principle of neutrality.

  • Media Focus is not involved in the value chains of brand communication.

  • Media Focus discloses all survey and evaluation methods to its customers.

  • Media Focus collects each brand mention or advertising placement individually. We use inductive analysis. Aggregations of trend indications form an image of real developments.

  • Our objective execution and evaluation follows clearly defined processes and routines.

  • Media Focus examines the communication patterns of brands in appropriate context of marketing-relevant factors or developments. Empirical communication research means: gathering experience about reality, systematizing it, segmenting it, and applying it to the new needs of brand management.

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