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Here you can find the most important answers to frequently asked questions.

Why can’t I log in?

The notification “Your account is already in use” appears:
• Your account is being used by someone else
• You did not log out of WizzAd+ when closing your browser

Solution: select the checkbox Replace and log in again. The notification “invalid client” appears:
• You do not have an active customer filter and cannot access the system

Solution: contact us at wizzadplus@mediafocus.ch.
It’s possible that the customer filters have not yet been unlocked or that the customer filters have expired and must be renewed.

If other notifications appear when you log in, please contact us directly at wizzadplus@mediafocus.ch

How do I change my password?

You can change your password in the Settings module. A more detailed explanation is available in chapter 1.4 of the WizzAd+ handbook.

Why don’t I have access to a folder?

You have write and read permissions for your user folders. You have read-only access to all the predefined standard reports and your colleagues’ folders. If you would like rights to be distributed in a different way, please contact us directly at wizzadplus@mediafocus.ch

What do I use the Open Report module for?

The Open Report module allows you calculate reports that have already been created and adjust them to a limited extent.

You can find a detailed explanation on the functions of the Open Report module in chapter 2 of the WizzAd+ handbook.

Open Report
How can I find my reports?

The easiest way to find your reports is by using the search function. In the black sidebar, you can find an overview of the reports available to you. At the top of the menu you’ll find a search field, where you can enter the names of the reports you are searching for.

How can I find the standard reports?

You’ll see the standard reports folder below the report overview in the black sidebar. In this folder you can find all the standard reports that are available to you.

Can I save my individual filter settings in a report?

The filter settings can be changed individually in the Open Report module and stored with the Save button. You can access the saved settings in the top dropdown menu.

Can I export my report in a format other than Excel?

Click the function next to the Export button and a menu will appear, where you can choose your preferred format. The system allows you to export the report in Excel, PowerPoint, CSV (formatted/non-formatted), HTML or XML format. Once you have selected the preferred format, you can export the report as usual.

How can I sort my results in WizzAd+?

You can find the Sort icon in the top left of the results window. By selecting it, you can add one or more sorting options to your results.

What do I use the Create/Edit Reports module for?

With Create/Edit Reports, you can load pre-created reports and have them calculated once or regularly. Here, you can link the saved layouts and filters to analyses; a report can consist of several analyses.

You can find more information on the Create/Edit Reports module in chapter 3.3 of the WizzAd+ handbook.

Create/Edit Reports
Can I edit reports that I did not create myself?

You cannot overwrite reports that you have not created yourself. However, you can edit the individual filters and layouts and then save them in your own folder. In some cases, you have neither read nor write permissions for reports. That means you cannot view the individual elements of the report, but you can calculate the report.

How can I schedule a report calculation?

In order to schedule the calculation of a report and have it sent automatically to your desired email address, you simply need to select the Schedule Report Calculation icon in the Create/Edit Reports module. Individual settings can be chosen in the pop-up window that will then appear.

You can find detailed instructions on this function in chapter 3.3.1 of the WizzAd+ handbook.

What do I use the Create/Edit Analysis module for?

In the module Create/Edit Analysis you can create individual filters and layouts yourself and save them. The combination of parameter and layout creates the basic framework for your analysis.

Chapter 3.2 in the WizzAd+ handbook offers a detailed overview of the individual functions of the Create/Edit Analysis module.

Create/Edit Analysis
Do I have to save the filter and layout separately when saving a report?

As the layouts and filters can be combined in various ways to create analyses, these must also be saved individually.

What is the purpose of the “merge layout and filters to report” button?

With this button, you can add the filter and layout you have created to the report you currently have open after saving it. You can see which report is open in the top left bar.

How can I insert charts into my report?

You can insert a chart into the report with the Layout Editor. You can find the Chart tab at the bottom of the black sidebar. In the layout matrix, choose the data field that will form the basis of your chart. By selecting the Chart tab, you can add a chart and specify how it will be displayed.

You can find the exact instructions for creating a chart in chapter of the WizzAd+ handbook.

Can I customize/edit the font in the results?

You can edit the font of elements with the Layout Editor located in the Style tab in black sidebar.

You’ve finished your layout and have, for example, Sector in Y layout. Now select the field where the sector element is located so that it’s highlighted in turquoise. By selecting the Style tab, you can format the font and the field itself. If you have formatted the font, all sectors will appear in the set format.

Important: don’t forget to check the boxes – the settings will not be transferred otherwise.

For more information with regard to the customization of results, you can consult chapter of the WizzAd+ handbook.

Can I also use filters in the layout?

Yes, you also have this option within the layout, not just in the filter. Double-clicking on the cell where a dimension is located opens a window where you can change the element or filter the existing elements.

You can find more information on the filtering of dimensions in chapter of the WizzAd+ handbook, and on filters within the layout in chapter 3.2.4.

How can I display all the elements of the selected dimension in the results?

If all the elements of the selected dimension are set to be displayed, elements that do not provide any values will also be displayed.

Settings for this can be applied in the Create/Edit Analysis module. Click on an element located in the layout matrix. Under the Viewing Options tab in the black sidebar you can find the option to show all the elements of this level. After you have chosen this option, the result should show all the dimension’s elements.

What do you use the logical filter for?

You can use the logical filter to link individual dimensions, attributes and facts with the operations ANDOR and NOT.

Logical filters are explained in greater detail with examples in chapters and 6.3 of the WizzAd+ handbook.

What is the difference between a hierarchical system and an expression?

Expressions and hierarchical systems are types of dimensions. While dimension elements in expressions are defined only by means of logical expressions, the hierarchical system has a hierarchical structure. Elements of the lowest level are always connected with elements of an upper level.

You can find more information on the types of dimensions in chapter 4.1 of the WizzAd+ handbook.

My objects
Can I add or delete levels in an existing hierarchical system?

No. When creating a hierarchical system, the number of levels must be defined from the beginning. Once the system has been completed, no more changes can be made to the number of levels without discarding the entire system.

Can two folders have the same name?

No. The system requires that you assign a unique name to new folders or systems.

What do I use the Time Period Schema editor for?

The Time Period Schema filter element allows you to limit the selection for electronic media by time of day. These times can be customized in the Time Period Schema editor. You can find more information on creating a Time Period Schema in chapter 4.2 of our WizzAd+ handbook.

What do I use the Settings module for?

In this module, you can apply a number of default settings for your own user account. These include, among others, the display options of values or the default settings of calculation options.

You can find a detailed description of possible settings in chapter 5 of the WizzAd+ handbook.

What is the difference between a consolidated and individual group view?

Consolidated group view: the advertising volume of the evaluation is displayed on the basis of advertising material.

Individual group view: the advertising volume is divided among the products contained in the advertising material.

Can I edit elements of dimensions?

Elements can be assigned individual codes, names or styles with the dimension attribute.

You can find out how to use this function in chapter 5.2 of the WizzAd+ handbook.