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We offer tailored analysis that supports you with monitoring the market and your competitors in the fields of advertising, communications and sponsorship!

“comprehensive, objective, quick and reliable”

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Our motivated team of expert analysts delivers comprehensive and valuable insights into the advertising, communications and sponsorship activities of your competitors and market. Whether you want an out-of-the-box approach or a custom solution – we’re focused on what benefits you.

Communications analysis from the experts

Benefit from the experience and expert knowledge of our analysts.
You don’t have to wade through mountains of data yourself – our analysts extract the most important insights for you, prepare the data and present it to you so it is ready to use and in your desired format.

From straightforward data delivery to alerts or competition and market reports through to special analyses, our team of analysts has the right solution for you and is available to advise you on interpreting the data.

Our analysis offers countless benefits:

  • Quick and secure delivery.
  • No analysis expertise needed – save time & money.
  • Objective analysis.
  • Analysis from the data experts.

Client system

Does our categorization of the gross advertising pressure statistics fail to meet your needs?

Would you like to reorder the companies, products or sub-markets to suit your preferences, capture a campaign view, or need an even more granular level of differentiation? 

No problem – in this case, we would be happy to support you with customized client systems and provide the terminology suitable for your company.

Out-of-the-box advertising reports

Allow us to take over the work and use your valuable time to implement the insights gained from the data.

We offer a range of standardized advertising reports with short delivery times: 

Competitor report:
Simple visualization of the data with a focus on the benchmark comparison of market competitors.

Market overview:
Overview of the development of a sector and its product markets.

Strategy report:
A report that leaves no stone unturned; the market is analyzed in detail. The report includes factsheets for a set of pre-defined main competitors, along with the top campaigns (incl. visuals). 

Publisher report:
Our publisher report offers you an overview of the development of the media market and advertising behavior of existing and potential clients.
You can then deploy this for sales promotion and support.

Market research:

INCA stands for integral communication analysis. It examines every controllable area of communications. For this purpose, advertising presence (paid media), search engine presence (paid and owned media) and media presence (earned media) are considered from a quantitative and qualitative perspective and are contextualized using market data. 

Market research offers an appealing and cost-effective opportunity to make insights from a particular market accessible to a large number of companies. 
The annual report contains factsheets for all market players in the sample, in addition to sector analysis. These are made available to all recipients. 

Media Focus currently has INCAs for 2022 available for the following markets:

Health insurance market
Optional: add-on WEMF target group analysis
Energy sector
Optional: add-on first signals by pressrelations
NPO market

Advertising monitoring

Whether enshrined in law (tobacco industry, consumer loans, etc.) or voluntarily imposed (Swiss Pledge, CI/CD standards, etc.).
With Media Focus, you have a neutral and independent communications research business at your side, which monitors and documents the advertising behavior of the companies concerned and prepares the results for you in a clear manner.
Our analysts deliver answers to the following questions, and others:
– Who placed advertisements despite a ban? 
– Where and when? 
– What did they look like?
– Which retailers advertised with non-CI/CD compliant advertising material, and when and where?
– Were TV advertisements placed in a children’s environment, despite the voluntary agreement?
– Were there Google ad texts that advertised with non-compliant promises?

Content analysis

Media Focus’s data is more than just a sea of numbers. You will also receive creative materials such as adverts, posters, commercials, displays and SEA advertising texts in the areas of advertising and sponsorship (paid), along with articles, comments and posts in the area of communications (earned/owned).

This offers you a major advantage!

Whether it is content categories such as the target group, price and topic, or visual characteristics such as the logo placement, number of people or the color of the product. 

There are practically no limits to the questions you may want to use the data to explore.

Media Focus analyzes the content of the communications with respect to your actual questions, with the help of traditional content analysis (quantitative and qualitative), and prepares the results for you in a clear and meaningful way.

Analysis as a service

You don’t always have to opt for a recurring report: you’re welcome to call on the expertise and skills of our analysts at any time, whether for ad-hoc analysis or for the preparation of a pitch. 

We offer attractive package services in addition to our normal hourly rate.

Your Contact

We offer tailored analysis that supports you with monitoring the market and your competitors!
Benefit from the experience and expert knowledge of our analysts.

Our Consulting and Analysis team will be happy to help.

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