New annual high, but advertising pressure markedly lower than in 2019

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Highlights in November

Advertising pressure in the market as a whole in November was CHF 544.5 million gross. Although this figure is the highest of the year so far – just – it is nevertheless down by 13.6 percent compared with the previous year. This makes it the tenth month in a row in which the figure was lower than in the same month last year. Cumulative annual advertising pressure is now, just one month before year end, CHF 4,616 million gross. That represents a decrease in advertising pressure of 15.1 percent compared with the same period in 2019.

Advertising Pressure in the market as a whole

Development of Advertising Pressure as per November 2020 in million francs (gross)

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Print advertising shows modest recovery, while out-of-home’s triumphant march starts to slow down

The negative trend was evident across all media groups in November. Print advertising was the best performer, recovering slightly in November so that it was just 4.2 percent below the value achieved in the same month last year. Out-of-home advertising, which in previous months increased steadily in comparison with last year, actually registered a slight decrease of 4.7 percent from the November 2019 value. Double-digit decreases from last November’s values were registered by TV (-17%), online (-17.8%) and radio (-15.4%). Hardest hit was cinema advertising – having already seen advertising pressure decrease by 60 percent in October compared with the previous year, in November it sank even lower, to around 93 percent.

Besides retail trade also initiatives & campaigns with double-digit growth

In November, advertising pressure increased in six out of 21 sectors, compared with last year. Besides the top-performing sector, retail, which, with an increase of 10.5%, went up by double digits for the third month in a row, the initiatives & campaigns sector stands out, having gone up by 20.2 percent compared with the same month last year. Much of this increase can be attributed to the referendum held on 29 November.

Sectors that registered the biggest decreases in advertising pressure compared with the previous year are those most affected by the coronavirus crisis, i.e. events (-80.2%), public transport companies (-69.2%) and leisure, gastronomy and tourism (-44.4%).

Altogether, one month before year end, just three out of 21 sectors have registered positive year-to-date growth in advertising pressure, compared to 2019: initiatives & campaigns (+9.9%), retail (+8.3%) and cleaning (+6.2%).

Initiatives & campaigns dominate the Top 10 products

The initiatives & campaigns sector’s strong performance in November is also reflected in the Top 10 products for the month. The Federal Office of Public Health’s coronavirus campaign once again reigns supreme, with a recorded advertising pressure of more than CHF 4 million gross. This is despite the fact that the campaign didn’t even figure among the top 10 most advertised products in October. Second and third places in the product rankings are also occupied by players in the initiatives & campaigns sector – namely, the opponents (2nd place) and supporters (3rd place) of the Responsible Business Initiative. This means the Yes camp is, for the second time in a row, the third most advertised product of the month.

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Top of the month

The top advertisers and most widely advertised products and services (excluding range and image advertising) in November

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Media Mix

Media Mix for the month of November

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